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looks like a pinstripers working roller tool box and supply cabinet!

perfect 50s family cars? 1950 Plymouth Suburban and 57 Safari. Only 2 doors, kids couldn't accidentally open the doors

Don't just take my word for it, I learned it from Jay Ward, " I also have a ’57 Pontiac Safari station wagon. That’s what we take the kids to school in, and it’s a family car because there are no back doors for the kids to fall out of!"

Hella and Automotive Lighting busted for fixing automotive lighting parts prices, fined $29.8 million

The European Commission on Wednesday slapped German auto parts companies Automotive Lighting and Hella KGaA Hueck and Co. with a $29.8 million fine for colluding to fix prices for automotive lighting parts.

The commission hit the two companies with fines after a third cartel participant, Parisian auto parts company Valeo, brought the scheme to the authority’s attention in January 2012, a commission representative told Law360 on Wednesday. For alerting the commission, Valeo dodged a more than €30.5 million fine.

here's a new attack on red light cameras... in the situation where a city changed the law, to profit from the fines, and lower the amount of evidence needed "legally" to charge drivers

Phenix City, Alabama (can't Alabama people spell phoenix? Did they make a word up?) 
“For-profit entities cannot be afforded the ability to do the police’s job for them,” plaintiffs said in their complaint. “This practice amounts to an unlawful grant of police discretion to defendant Redflex, and the profits they obtained are ultimately gained through a blatantly unconstitutional practice, which has deprived plaintiffs and class members of their civil rights.”

The red light camera program kicked off in 2012, the same year, according to the plaintiffs, the city adopted the ordinance allowing a civil rather than criminal penalty to be levied against owners of vehicles found to have run a red light.

Want to know what "Too fast for conditions" is? This cop blasting through a 30 mph at 50 to 80mph

that right there is a 30 mph sign, one block before he ruins EVERYONES day, and costs the taxpayers one expensive cruiser.

FYI, when I went through the police academy, the law was with lights and siren on, you still have to drive so safe no one gets hurt, and you're only allowed to be 10 mph over the posted speed limit.

This is exactly why that was police procedure and policy. Doing the speed limit, of course, is the law, and the police are not immune to all the laws, expecially the damn ones about public safety. Which happens to be their SWORN OATH duty to obey.

police inflicting damage on innocent bystanders just pisses me off immensely.

all the competition for rims and lack of focus has killed off Center Line Wheels. Costing nearly 175 apiece for 15 x 8... well, who the hell is blowing that much on rims, frequently enough to keep them in business?

too many rims, not enough customers, and too many varieties in inventory that don't sell.

Overhead, lack of day two upgrades, and ridiculous competition...

Say it anyway you like, in any perspective, and it won't matter.

Center Line, one of the coolest looking rims in the 80s, is out of business.

Jegs confirms it, "Unfortunately for all of us automotive and truck enthusiasts Center Line Wheels recently has ceased operation and is currently no longer in business. JEGS has a limited inventory of many styles and sizes of Center Line Wheels in-stock at drastically reduced pricing ready to ship today."

$280 a rim? Gtfoh. Nope. And that is why they are outta business. How does a rim they've been making for 30 some years still go for what you used to be able to buy a pair for? 25 years ago when I last bought a set of 4, I paid around 120 apiece. I know the costs of a lot of things go up, but not when it is already designed, molded, stamped, engineered and tested. Sure, some things like distribution and other incidental costs have risen, but the making of it? That is subject to efficiency of scale. Am I wrong?

Dodge / FCA announced a plan today to attempt to keep dealerships from marking up Demon's. Will it work? Will a dealership actually sell a Demon for MSRP around $90k?

Dodge said that its earliest production run of Demons will go to dealers who promise to sell them "at or below" the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Dodge will demand a notarized “acknowledgment document,” signed by both dealer and potential customer, that includes their agreed-upon contract price.

Those Dodge dealers finally have a gold mine, and they’re essentially being told by the parent company – which, by the way, is legally forbidden to dictate pricing to their independently-owned dealer franchises – that their Demon profits will be capped, or else.

But isn't it obvious that some will repeat what we saw with the Hellcat? Bought for reasonable prices, and sold for immediate profit to the 2nd owner who was more desperate and less able to obtain a Hellcat through a dealership.

So, why can't the dealerships set their own prices, and profits, at reasonable market prices (crazy profit in all reality for a Demon) instead of seeing a buyer drive off the lot and flip it for 50 thousand dollars profit. Do you have any idea how many lousy Dodge cars like the Dart and Aspen a dealership has had to move to make a profit at all? Compasses, Patriots, Caravans, 200s, etc on a Mopar dealership are sitting for months and months.

someone already tried selling a Demon on Ebay for $250,000. No one took them up on it.

the Ford F100 Western Nationals... I've never heard of it before, but it's an annual Anaheim truck show in early June

Cadamino hay hauler

hauling the race car with a period correct rig

interesting what happens when they reversed the COE process

And Torque Truque? Thanks for reposting so many of the images you find on my site, and never giving a found on link credit. Since you've stolen so many images from me but will credit all other websites you find things on, I'm claiming every damn images you post but don't give a source credit and link to. That's right, every one you leave blank, is mine. Choke on it you lazy bum

Burning Man rhino truck

Workmen repairing toll booth area (previously destroyed by out of control truck) badly injured by flying rebar after truck's brakes fail as it approaches toll booth, in central Mexico, at the La Marquesa toll booths.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jeff Westphal won pole position at this year’s Nürburgring 24 Hours, he's the 1st American in the race’s 45-year history to win pole position and he did it in an American car, with an American-owned team.

Westphal raced the No. 704 Traum Motorsport SCG 003C at this year’s Nürburgring 24 Hours. The SCG 003 is American racing enthusiast Jim Glickenhaus’ idea of the perfect track and street car, and the SCG 003C is its racing-only version.

This year was the SCG 003C’s third attempt at the Nürburgring 24 Hours, and while they didn’t finish, they certainly proved that an outsider to the European racing scene can break in and be the fastest.

The team quickly learned that there’s nowhere they could test that could come close to simulating laps on the Nürburgring with the same mix of harsh bumps, hills, fast sweepers and tight corners. Replicating the ‘Ring’s over 8-minute laps anywhere else was impossible.

So, the team had to spend a lot of time testing and racing at the Nürburgring, Westphal estimates that he got around 450 laps at the ‘ring before this year’s 24-hour race, participating in about five races there a year with between six to eight hours of seat time in each race.

Skip the first 11 minutes of sitting in the pits. And for Pete's sake, millions of dollars of race car, and this shit video is the best they could do? What is that, a crappy old cell phone, Why they hell couldn't they buy a Go Pro?

did anyone think that whole Fast And Furious trend was over a decade ago? Nope, now racers are loading up on go faster aero bolt ons and hitting Road Atlanta, and other tracks in a series called Global Time Attack

with all these dams, splitters, diffusers and wings I'd guess these owners must be getting past 120 mph

The Global Time Attack is comprised of a team of leaders in the tuner, time attack and traditional motorsports fields. The first North American time attack was back in 2004. (just after Fast and Furious)

Staffed by the crew chiefs from the early days of the Honda FWD drag movement and the event coordinators of the world’s most successful tuner magazine.

other tracks are Willow Springs,  just a couple weeks ago and coming up Auto Club Speedway in Fontana (Los Angeles)  on July 16th, and October 16th   and Button Willow in November 9th

cutaway Corvette, and it's a 1953. Newly crafted over the past 2 years it will be on display at the annual Bloomington Gold event until this Saturday June 24th at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Mackay and his crew built the cutaway car on the earliest Corvette chassis known, #003. The chassis was discovered in the mid-1970s when Phil Havens found it under the body of a 1955 Corvette he was restoring.

The #003 car was used for durability testing, including a punishing 5,000-mile test over Belgium Blocks. Chevrolet Engineering Department Work Order, #19013-27, issued on Aug. 20, 1953, instructed that the frame be changed. So it survived.

Sam Folz, president of the National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS), identified the chassis as 003 and confirmed it as the oldest Corvette chassis known to exist.

For the ’53 cutaway, Mackay used the body of a 1954 Corvette parts car. He summed up the work that came next: “It took a tremendous amount of designing, researching, documenting, hunting, measuring, cutting, bending, splicing, and engineering.”

Mackay left the windshield and grille intact, and then he made “floating” elements: the left-side headlight, taillight, fender emblem, body side molding, horn, armrest, and ashtray. “It looks really cool displayed at dusk, with one headlight and taillight floating in air,” he said.

It was at Amelia Island Concours earlier this year, but I never heard anything about it

A couple of years ago, he found an L88 1969 Corvette at a machine shop and did something similar  to showcase the work he and his Valley Stream, NY are famous for

decades of pinstriping behind him, and still working all the time, one of the guys who walked with giants, and was in the Von Dutch - Roth lettering and pinstriping party video

if a pair of boobs was what they were looking to hire, they'd get rejects from MTV reality tv series.... so, how clueless do you have to be to look like this in your video applying for a Hoonigan job with Fiat?

Am I correct, that this is the WRONG way to try and get into car racing? Think about it for a moment. That's not skin tight lycra or spandex, that's body paint

I've posted far too many morons, I'm not even shocked anymore that people will get naked to get a job.

Anyone else remember Archie Bunker using the term boobs? Decribes a pair of idiots. Yep, I learned that word from the tv show in 1976

Landslide leaves engineers clueless how to clear Highway 1 in Big Sur

Stand there and stare all you like, but that dirt ain't moving without a couple of construction crews

Robb Moss, a professor of civil engineering at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo said the best-case scenario for getting the road open would be putting in a stretch of asphalt, at least temporarily, on top of the slide once the area dries out come summer. That option, though, is contingent on soil tests to determine whether the mountainside is secure.

“Hopefully, this season you can get in a couple of lanes,” he said. “But if it’s not remaining stable in the long term, you have to look at a more expensive fix.”

A condemned bridge over Pfeiffer Canyon, which has prompted a second closure of Highway 1 north of the recent slide, is expected to cost $26.5 million to replace. Several other landslides along the highway around Big Sur will cost millions more to clear.

court rules in favor of car owners, so... big middle finger to police bullshit, and politicians who wrote up impound laws as kickbacks to police unions and tow truck companies. Eff YOU! 4th amendment rights rule!

Law enforcement must provide a valid reason to hold people's vehicles and cannot automatically impound them for a set period.

The unanimous ruling on Wednesday by a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down a California law that requires police to hold impounded vehicles for 30 days.

Judge Alex Kozinski, writing for the panel, said the law violates the Fourth Amendment prohibition against unreasonable seizures. He said police cannot continue to hold a seized vehicle without some new justification.

Sidenote, this has a tangental issue fixed, sueing the city or state because you are a citizen has been tossed out, until now as the 9th cc has ruled unanimously against the 1909 law written so only property owners could sue.

The 1909 law authorized taxpayer suits only by a state or local resident who “is assessed for and is liable to pay ... a tax therein”. This all stems from the lawsuit against the police abuse by impounding cars being brought by an apartment renter, and not a home owner. Yeah, the police union and tow truck companies tried to get this lawsuit tossed out based on the technicality that a home owner hadn't filed the suit, based on a snippet from a law written 108 years ago.

fwiw, I've never had a car impounded, never been arrested, etc. But I've been pissed about cops abusing their power and seizing peoples cars for a long time. I posted about a corrupt city tyranny where the police specifically picked out illegal aliens cars, (and I'm completely against illegal aliens in my, or any other country, as they are intruders, and the USA has several legal ways to get in, visit, tourist, work in, or become a citizen of.... violating that is an immediate get the hell out imo)
impounded the cars of the illegals, and then sold the cars to raise money. The tow truck company was owned by the police chief's brother.

Bell California made 3/4s a million dollars a year in impound release fees.'

"It got really bad in 2008, 2009," Jimenez said. "They weren't hiding it. They were directly asking for these impounds. Some officers were being called in and asked to impound cars. They would keep these stat sheets on us and it would say how many arrests, how many cites we've written throughout the week, month and year.
"In these stat sheets the number they were really looking for was impounds.... That's not the way police work should be measured," he said.
Officer Gilbert Jara, president of the Bell Police Officers Assn., said officers were called in and told to increase impounds.
other places have created tow zones just to tow and impound cars, yes, painted one in, then towed the vehicle

and in 2015 the shit hit the fan in national publicity when Detroit lost its damn mind

LAPD Chief Beck's police officer daughter told him about impounding a car in the middle of the night, leaving a pregnant woman and her family to walk through the darkened streets of the Rampart division.

“So that helped me realize we’re doing this wrong,” said Beck. “We have a system set up here that is penalizing people we should be protecting, and that’s when we started to change the impound procedures.”

So, he implemented a decree that prohibited 30-day impounds of vehicles in some cases, arguing that undocumented immigrants unable to get driver’s licenses were unfairly burdened.

Back in 2014 U.S. District Court Judge Thelton Henderson ruled that police violated the constitutional rights of an unlicensed driver by impounding his truck for 30 days without a warrant.

“For many people, the use of a car is essential for such necessary activities as getting to work and purchasing food; the loss of a vehicle for 30 days can cause significant disruption in a person’s life,” Henderson wrote.

The city argued that its 30-day impound policy was legal because it was allowed by state law. The judge ruled that being allowable by state law does not mean it does not violate the Fourth Amendment right around unreasonable search and seizure.

Toyota MegaCruiser built for only 3 years.

 The largest 4WD ever built by Toyota. introduced in 1995.

Like the Hummer, it was designed primarily for military use with the Mega Cruiser seeing duty as infantry transport, a light prime mover for heavy mortars, and mobile Surface-to-air missiles in the Japan Self Defense Forces, and by police and fire/rescue departments,

 The military version as the BXD10, and the civilian version is known as a BXD20.

 Civilian uses incurred expensive taxes imposed by the Japanese government for dimension regulations and annual road tax obligations.

Exclusively sold in Japan, a limited number were sold to civilians. This vehicle was intended to test designs that would eventually make their way into mass-produced Toyota SUVs (like the Land Cruiser), but was financially unsuccessful for Toyota.

quite unexpected... a young rock climber bought a right hand drive '86 diesel Toyota Land Cruiser BJ70 imported from Japan

She even started a blog, but it didn't go anywhere, a couple of posts after creating it, and then nothing in the years since

She even brought it to Overland Expo

I found a website of images and history on Mechanic Work Stations or "Service Merchandisers" used in auto dealerships and garages from the early 1940's on through the 1950's

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dang, he was EARNING the hourly pay! Now adays computers do all the figuring out, but this guy had to figure out the computer first! This is a Bear Telaliner

There doesn't seem to be jack squat on the internet about these ol Bear tire alignment machines, has a gallery of photos, and not a single one appears on my screen, so, I don't know if that is due to a firewall, software issues, or their website

They have a good history of the Bear Manufacturing Company  and

Bear Manufacturing came into existence in Rock Island, Illinois, in 1917, making the luggage racks that held suitcases in place. Bear soon expanded into wheel alignments, since a trip of any length on early unpaved highways was almost certainly going to make one necessary.

and their trademark, was a happy bear
and the Grateful Dead stole the image.

"the source of the design of the bear motif on Bear's Choice. It is a 36 point lead type-slug of a generic bear, a standardised figure from a printer's font of type, which particular font, I don't know. Bob Thomas gave this one to me and said it was the inspiration for the circle of little multi-coloured marching bears on the back cover of Bear's Choice.

 This generic design has been used in several commercial logos over the years. One of the best known is the ubiquitous American company, Bear Wheel Alignment, whose logo is almost an exact duplicate of this little type-character. Bob made significant changes in the basic design when he derived it for the album."

Created for the back cover of History of the Grateful Dead, Volume 1, artist Bob Thomas took his inspiration from a 36-point lead slug of a happy-looking bear he found in an old-fashioned printer's font box.

probably the only top fueler to ever be photographed with giraffes

if you get photographed sideways in motorsports, you're going to attract attention

Sara Price, the first ever factory supported female racer under Monster Energy Kawasaki and a X-Games medalist, and 17-time motocross national champion, contestant in the California State Championship Horse Jumping, youngest competitor in the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles du Maroc, medaling in the X Games, and the first woman to compete in the Speed Energy Stadium Super Trucks Series, averaging 6th place (out of 12) for a solid mid field result, consistently, as a rookie.

Not a mere overachiever, she seems to be out to prove a point, break records, or win the most amount of trophies.

Not just that, but on camera she's a spokeswoman. Off the track she competed in the Miss California pageant while recovery from a shoulder injury to prove a point that women can be gorgeous and be just as good as the men on the track. And she has recently ventured into the film industry in stunts, as her new goal away from racing.

and her intro to the stadium trucks wasn't smooth, her team mate had some problem, and wiped them both out in spectacular pile driver into a corner. Skip the first 3 minutes:

Jump past the first 12 minutes ( why can't anyone edit for relevant content?) of this next video

I just learned of a Chevy Truck show in Los Angeles this Sunday (if it's not in the 90s temperature wise)

the Brothers Chevy truck annual show at the Canyonlands RV Park.

Last year there were 400 trucks, and it's said to be the biggest Chevy truck show on the west coast

Brothers Chevy Truck Show
8am to 3pm
 Canyonlands RV park in Anaheim
BROTHERS @ 800-977-2767 or E-mail:

Jaguar Land Rover has opened a gigantic new Classic Works facility in Coventry.

Through the Reborn Legends program, Jaguar Land Rover Classic sources and restores select classic models to authentic specifications, without compromise. Launched in April 2016 for Land Rover Series I models, the two-door Range Rover Classic joined the Reborn program from February this year, making its debut at Salon-Retromobile in Paris. Jaguar E-type Reborn launched at the Techno-Classica Essen show in April, with an initial build program for 10 Series 1 E-type cars.

Drawing together projects and staff from ten different locations across the West Midlands, the new building is less of a cosy ‘workshop’ – with cups of tea and an oily Haynes manual – and more like a gleaming, modern factory.

Spread across 14,000 square-metres with 54 service bays, JLR claims it’s the largest of its type in the world

JLR Classic was launched as a division in March 2016, coming under the control of Special Operations Managing Director John Edwards. ‘This is a dream factory’, Edwards said at the opening ceremony. ‘It’s much more than a building – it’s the heart and soul of Jaguar Land Rover Classic for our clients worldwide.’

The Classic business now comprises of four different streams: there are the continuation cars, like the nine brand new, hand-built Jaguar XKSSs currently under construction. Then there are the restorations – JLR Classic will restore customers’ cars, but they’re also sourcing barn finds around the world for the ‘Reborn’ programme. The Land Rover Series 1 was the first to get this nut-and-bolt, like-new treatment, but JLR is now returning E Types and early Range Rovers to the same factory-fresh standards.

Legends Continued currently sees nine ‘new’ examples of the D-type-derived XKSS being hand-built from scratch to authentic 1957 specifications, creating the cars which were never completed in period due to a fire at Jaguar’s Browns Lane factory. Examples of the ‘Missing Six’ Lightweight E-type continuation models built in 2015 are also maintained here.

Thirdly there are the classic parts, and JLR used the opening of the new Works to announce a commitment to the often overlooked Jaguar XJ220, once the fastest and most expensive production car in the world. The first step was to develop new ‘Jaguar approved’ tyres with Pirelli, which come hot on the heels of the Bridgestones launched earlier this year by independent XJ220 specialist Don Law. They’re badly needed – if you ever wondered why you never see XJ220s on the road, it’s because their 25-year-old tyres are all down to canvas.

And at the centre of all this activity is the new factory. From September, members of the public will be able to go round the Classic Works on a guided tour.